The story began several years ago. Alchemy, primarily a design and manufacturing company located in Dorset, UK, began to invest heavily in the production of a series of plastic injection moulds to make drum set parts for another company.

A full set of moulds were made over a period of 18 months and culminated in the release of what was at the time the most successful moulded drum set ever built.

That drum set was 'Flats' and the company assembling these parts was Arbiter Group PLC.

Towards the end of 2004, the manufacturing arm of Arbiter Group PLC split and was taken over by another company to the disappointment of Alchemy.

At that point, a decision was made by Nigel Robinson (Former Factory Manager and Designer for Arbiter) and Chris Fletcher (Alchemy) to put all of their recently conceived plans into a completely new drum set.

So with Alchemy's design and production expertise, mould-making knowledge and a huge machining facility, the Traps drum concept was born.

The name Traps was derived from the shortening of the word 'contraptions', which was a term once universally, used for drums. During December 2004 Bob Henrit, joined Nigel Robinson bringing his considerable playing and sales experience to form the final link in this formidable hardworking team.

The main idea was to design a set of drums that had all of the advantages of portable drum sets but eliminated any weaknesses.

Contrary to public belief drummers are actually rather conservative people and don’t like change. So, drawing on their experience of what had gone before, the team decided that the Traps kit should be as conventional as possible.

To start with the Traps set has Remo heads fitted all round. Remo has been one of the best head manufacturers for almost 50 years and it was deemed essential that quality heads were fitted.

The next step was to concentrate on making the drum set sturdy.
A rack system was employed to ensure all drums remained where they should. The bass was to be double-headed (unlike many portable basses), and held tightly in the rack to prevent it from moving. This is a common problem with basses in portable sets. When it came to hardware, thanks to its reputation Alchemy had a huge choice to choose from.

Alchemy's other business includes designing and manufacturing parts for prestigious customers such as Porsche, Mercedes and Aston Martin so quality was at the fore when commissioning parts to build this kit.

Overall, the Traps drum set has been manufactured with a concentration on quality at an affordable price by a company that knows what it’s doing. A great deal of time, skill and money has been invested in this drum kit. if you wish to find out more contact us or ask at your local dealer.

We think you will find that the quality of the Traps range of products speaks for itself